Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Series 3 / Week 3 - RESULTS - July 31, 2013

I know that cycling uphill is not everyone's favorite activity, but it was for 19 riders!  What a gruelling night.  Lots of panting at the top of this hill climb, with riders barely able to yell their starting numbers. 

Special thanks to Team Niklas for hosting this race.

Race Coordinator: Cody Godlonton

Here are the results:

NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Evan BayerTeam Niklas09:34:0009:42:0009:38:00Bonus23
Rainer PaauweSpeed Theory10:53:0011:08:0011:00:30 15
Isaac BeallSpeed Theory11:13:0011:18:0011:15:30 12
NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Jeremy KitsonC411:07:0010:53:0011:00:00 20
Brent ThumlertSpeed Theory11:25:0011:47:0011:36:00 15
Steve WatersSpeed Theory12:29::0012:55:0012:42:00 12
Callum GalbraithC413:40:0012:43:0013:11:30 10
Glenn MilesC413:40:0013:21:0013:30:30 9
Mike HealySpeed Theory14:21:0015:04:0014:42:30 8
NameClubLap 1Lap 2AverageBonus/
Jean GarezSpeed Theory12:25:0012:42:0012:33:30 20
Andreas PerdemoSpeed Theory12:22:0012:49:0012:35:30Louisa20
Ernie CosmanSpeed Theory13:08:0012:51:0012:59:30 12
Dan AlbiouSpeed Theory12:58:0013:11:0013:04:30 10
Blake BartettSpeed Theory13:06:0013:32:0013:19:00 9
Dawn HeinemeyerC413:24:0013:49:0013:36:30Peter13
Willy Van SevenantNatural High13:23:0014:07:0013:45:00 7
Rod SchuartC414:12:0014:13:0014:12:30 6
Maryanne KnightC414:24:0015:17:0014:50:30 5
Jenn TurcottSpeed Theory16:00:0016:53:0016:26:30 4

We had an extraordinary turnout of volunteers.  Maybe the hill climb had something to do with that?  Humm....  Anyway, volunteers are always awarded 5 points.

Volunteers Group Club Points
Carlos Bonela A Team Niklas 5
Martin Todd A C4 5
Cory Davis A C4 5
Lewis Gitelman C C4 5
Cody Godlonton A Team Niklas 5
Michael Scheck A C4 5
Jenna and Dryden Godlonton

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Series 3 / Week 3 - July 31, 2013

Whoa what a month! Mother nature has thrown some serious curve balls weather-wise, but you Wednesday Night Racers have proven time and time again that you can't, and won't, be psyched out by a few ominous looking clouds - respect. Not only that, but the racing has been so impressive (almost too impressive) these last few weeks that we kindly ask all racers to check in at the doping control tent following your race...kidding.

Okay, bad jokes aside, tomorrow's event is no joke. To cap off the month we’re heading back down south for an old favourite, a classic ride established by our friends at Speed Theory....

The Challenge:
You will be testing yourself in a 4.4km uphill individual TT, on a hill that you can hammer up not once, but twice! Rankings will be based on your average times between the two efforts and a "King of the Mountains" will be declared. So basically if you will be awarded enough bragging rights and "street cred" to last approx 364 days...or until your friends, family, friends of family, neighbours dog, etc...get sick of hearing how awesome you are.

Course Map:

View Larger Map 

***Note: Three bonus points up for grabs if you can best Cody Godlonton's (Team Niklas) effort of 10:24...according to Garmin/Strava he is the best hill climber in the land! But you probably don't stand a chance against that kind of time anyway and might be better off at home on the couch??***

Race Start:
First riders off at 6:45 at 30 second intervals. 

The best parking is at 37th Street SW and 22X. This also makes for a great spot to start a short warm up ride before reaching the start line.  

As usual, we'll cover the finer details just before the start of the race; in the mean time you can post your questions in the comments section below. 

See you at the start line!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Series-3 Wk2 - RESULTS July 24, 2013

Another successful evening, beating the odds with the weather.  Hail to the south, and a tornado touchdown in Okotoks, it was a good choice to ride the west end of town.

Tonight was a different ride, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. 

Here are the results:
Team 6
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
1 Dan Barker Team Niklas B 20
1 Callum Galbraith C4 B 20
1 Brent Thumlert STC B 20
1 Ryan Lemiski Speed Theory C 20
Team 4
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
2 Lawrence Zalasky Speed Theory B 15
2 Meghan Brown Speed Theory C 15
2 Jeremy Kitson C4 B 15
2 Willy Van Sevenant Natural High Cycling Club C 15
Team 2
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
3 Michael Scheck C4 A 12
3 Dawn Heinemeyer C4 C Peter 17
3 Glenn Miles C4 B 12
3 Andres Perdomo Speed Theory C 12
Team 3
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
4 Stephen Kenny SpeedTheory A 10
4 Ania Bergmann Speed Theory C Ingrid 15
4 Dan Alboiu Speed Theory Cycling Team C 10
4 Brad Barron C4 C 10
Team 5
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
5 Clarence Poon Speed Theory B 9
5 Daryl Beatty Speed Theory Cycling B 9
5 Brian Kozak C4 C 9
5 Andrew Hill C4 C 9
Team 1
Pl Rider Club Cat Volunteer Points
6 Marc Enter STC A 8
6 Jenn Turcott ST C 8
6 Blake Bartlett Speed Theory C 8

The first lap was timed.  As you can see, the times are close, so the teams were well picked.

Team First Lap Time
1 06:25
2 06:20
3 06:26
4 06:22
5 06:24
6 06:27

Thanks as always to the many volunteers, and to Rob Welsh and Cody Godlonton who helped with organizing.

Volunteers Club Points
Cody Godlonton Team Niklas 5
Robert Welch Team Niklas 5
Bob Bruce Team Niklas 5